Preventive measures of the Berliner Krisendienst in relation to the coronavirus

To ensure that we can uphold our offer of personal, face-to-face counselling, we have adjusted our basic conditions, implementing the current recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) for your and our protection.
A face-to-face meeting in the crisis service is currently only possible under the following conditions:

a. You do not suffer from acute symptoms of cold and flu
b. You have not had contact with people who have been tested positive within the last 14 days
c. You are ready to comply with our safety measures of hand hygiene
d. You are willing to give us your contact details (name and telephone number)*

Of course our consultation by telephone remains anonymous on request.
Please bring your face-mask and wear it when entering the premises.

* In accordance with the order of the Berlin Senate Administration of 14.03.2020 on control of the Coronavirus, we are required to collect personal data from people who come to us in person, such as name and telephone number. This is to ensure that in the case of a person being tested positive for the Coronavirus in the crisis service, the health department can trace contact chains. This means that your contact details will only be transmitted to the public health authority at their request. This gives the health board the opportunity to inform and discuss the next necessary steps with you. The data will be kept for four weeks exclusively for this purpose.

Updated hygiene and behavioral recommendations for non-medical professionals can be found here on the RKI website.